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Thinking About Downsizing? You Should!

By Becky Streeter

We all know it—the older we get, the more “stuff” we collect. Our homes are filled with trinkets and memories, many of which are hard to part with, making it easy to accumulate more and more. However, the longer you stay in that home where you raised your three children, two dogs, a cat and Frankie the goldfish, the hard it will be to leave when push comes to shove.

And do you really want push to come to shove anyway? It is never too late to start thinking about downsizing. In fact, the earlier you downsize, the better! Here are a few reasons to get the process started now:

1. It’s going to take longer than you think. As mentioned above, you have more “stuff” than you know you do. Taking it bit by bit over the course of a period of time will help make it less daunting.

2. You don’t have a deadline. No one, or outside source (health concerns, financial issues, etc), is pressuring you and you can take as long as you need.

3. You are more able now than you will be later. Hard fact, but true. Why not get started while you still have the energy and strength of mind and body?

4. Valuables are easier to conserve and protect the sooner they are recovered. The longer you wait, the more you risk your valuables becoming tarnished, damaged, broken or destroyed by factors outside of your control (mold, mice, water, etc.).

5. You will ease the burden on your loved ones. Heaven forbid anything should happen to you before you can downsize, but if it does, then all that responsibility of your “stuff” falls on those you love.

6. You have the opportunity to have necessary conversations. Who gets/wants what? What do we do with all the rest? Can we recycle this and that? Do we have a garage sale or an auction, or simply bring most things to Good Will? And what do we want to bring to our new place?

It’s never too late to start the process for downsizing. Even if you just pick at it for an hour or two per day, it will make a difference. Start with one room—maybe the room that has the least amount of items in it so you can ease into it. Once that room is done, you’ll start to get in a groove and it will be easier to go on to the next, and the next. You can do it, and it will feel great once it’s all done.

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