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That’s A Good Question!

QUESTION: Will I get an increase in my Social Security in 2020?

ANSWER: Social Security just announced that there will be a 1.6% Cost of Living Increase for 2020.

QUESTION: If you have a Power of Attorney, is there any time when a guardianship is still needed?

ANSWER: The answer to this question is yes. Typically, this is only the case with the Power of Attorney for Healthcare. In Wisconsin, a Power of Attorney for Healthcare should include language regarding admission to a nursing home and community based residential facility (i.e. assisted living) for reasons other than rehabilitation. In the document, it asks questions regarding admission to these two types of facilities. If the answer to these questions is “No” then the agent may not admit the person to the facility under the authority as the “Power of Attorney.”

That does not mean that the person will not go to a nursing home or assisted living. It would mean that a guardianship would be pursued to ensure that the person can be admitted if that is the only way to ensure care and safety for the individual. While unusual, it could result in someone other than the Power of Attorney being appointed as the guardian.

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