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Finding Stability in the Midst of Change

By Mary Miller, Peterson/Kraemer Funeral Homes and Crematory, Inc.

Not long ago I was driving through Wausau and saw the following quote displayed on a sign in front of a local business. It read, “Everything can and will change”. Yes, change is inevitable and for many people, it can be quite stressful, especially when the changes we encounter are unplanned, unwelcome or beyond our control.

Some changes are reason to celebrate, like those that bring an exciting start of a new career, a move to a new home, welcoming a new grandchild to the family circle or a long-anticipated retirement. For others, the changes we face might be more unsettling. Children grow up and move away. More gray hair and frequent aches and pains remind us that time marches on and we are getting older. We say goodbye to our parents or other loved ones and face the reality of readjusting to a future without them.

The death of someone close to us, especially someone who might have been the “rock” of the family, is probably one of the most profound life changes anyone will ever experience. Such a loss can result in feelings of uncertainty, instability and confusion as we struggle to nurture our grieving hearts while at the same time try to cope with the many responsibilities we face.

In times like this, being able to lean on relationships that have been constant, stable and unchanging can be of great comfort. Family members and close friends are usually the first to surround us, but next will be the support and guidance of a trusted funeral home, since planning a service of remembrance is just the first of many steps in the process of adjusting to a new family dynamic that begins after we lose someone we love.

Peterson/Kraemer Funeral Home has been serving the families of Central Wisconsin for over 100 years and is still the independent family owned funeral home that people have counted on for all those years. We have walked with countless families when they have felt as if everything in their world is changing. Peterson/Kraemer has the history, stability, knowledge and compassion to guide you through all of these transitions, before, during and even after the funeral. It’s good to know that although “everything can and will change”, Peterson/Kraemer Funeral Home will remain constant in our care of you and your family, just as we have for the past 100 years.

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