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Facts and Strategies for Facing COVID-19

A major lifestyle change is always a challenge, but when it comes in the form of a pandemic that alters the world as we know it, it can be particularly stressful and confusing. Add to that the changing information and overriding health concerns, and things can become completely overwhelming. To help you sort things out, we’ve assembled some terrific information so you know the facts as they stand today, as well as how to strategize for a healthy future.

Safe at Home

Kids and parents alike are spending more and more time at home, as restrictions are limiting comings and goings. When you do need to go out, it’s vitally important to protect yourself and avoid bringing the virus home to your family.

● Wearing masks in public can help minimize the spread of the virus. Follow simple step-by-step instructions to make one.

● Many people are wearing gloves incorrectly. KRCR News explains the right procedures for including gloves in your personal protection equipment.

● Clean surfaces in your home with effective products to reduce exposure to germs.

● While the risk of mail and packages bringing the virus into your home is low, careful handling can reduce the risk even more.

● Sanitizing your home can become a big stressor in an already challenging world situation. You can always connect with a professional service to lighten your workload, which normally costs between $25 to $90 per hour.

Optimize Physical Health

Keeping your body strong and healthy will help you avoid succumbing to germs. Some traditional self-care is just what the doctor ordered, especially if anyone in your home is at increased risk.

● According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, certain health conditions put people at increased risk of catching COVID-19.

● Ensure everyone in your family gets the nutrition needed to optimize immune function.

● If getting to the store is tough or you’re trying to minimize exposure, you can always order from a recommended grocery delivery service.

● Science Daily points out regular exercise will benefit your immunity.

● You can get a great workout right at home with no equipment.

Optimize Mental Health

Feeling overwhelmed means feeling stressed. While that sensation is fully understandable, and everyone else is feeling it too, it is something that should be minimized. Take care of your mind so that you can stay positive and healthy.

● Take advantage of free mindfulness resources to manage stress and anxiety.

● Are your wall colors causing stress? Do some painting and aim for calming hues.

● Adding a little green to your space in the form of houseplants is a simple and effective stress management technique.

Scent can also be a powerful tool in stress reduction.

● Consider adding some CBD oil to your positive coping resources.

COVID-19 has reshaped how we conduct our daily lives. Ensure you maintain optimal health and keep your home as germ-free as possible. Things look very different these days, but with well-chosen, safe and effective strategies, you can get through it. //

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