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Eat Right When Money is Tight!

By Tami Syverson, FoodShare Outreach Specialist

Have you ever found yourself choosing between buying groceries and paying for medicine at the end of the month? Or maybe you’ve found yourself skipping fruits and vegetables and opting for cheaper, less nutritious foods so you have money to pay your utility bill? We believe these are choices no one should have to make. And that’s why we’d like to make sure you are familiar with a benefit you may be eligible for called FoodShare. It’s a monthly benefit deposited on a debit-like card, the QUEST Card, to help with buying food. This can free up money for bills, medications and other necessities. It’s a completely free benefit to those who are eligible. Eligibility is based on income and certain expenses; many people who are working or receiving Social Security are eligible.

Plus, claiming FoodShare benefits helps your local community. The USDA estimates that for every $5 spent in FoodShare benefits, about $9 circulates through local businesses and to our farmers. Claiming benefits you are eligible for is a great way to stretch your grocery budget while supporting your local community!

Applying is fast, easy, and confidential. Feed My People Foodbank has a team of FoodShare Outreach Specialists who would be happy to assist you with the process. Your local FoodShare Specialist is Tami Syverson, 715-835-9415 x106.

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