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Can I Keep My Medicare if I Move Outside of The United States?

When you move abroad, you should disenroll from and stop paying premiums for your Medicare Advantage Plan or stand-alone prescription drug plan (Part D). You are not eligible for these plans because you live outside the plan service area, and your coverage must end if you live outside of the United States. It is your responsibility to notify your plan that you are moving.

If a Medicare Advantage Plan was responsible for administering your Parts A and B coverage, you may want to continue paying the Medicare Part B premium after you disenroll. This will ensure that you have Medicare coverage without penalties or gaps if you return to the U.S.

If you enroll in Medicare for the first time when abroad, you will enroll in Original Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D plans require you to live within the plan service area. If you move back to the U.S., you will have a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to join a Medicare Advantage Plan or Part D plan. Your SEP begins the month before your move and lasts up to two months after the month you move. For example, if you move back to the U.S. in April your SEP is March through June.

If you decide to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan or Part D plan once you return to the U.S., make sure to select the plan that works best for your drug and health care needs. Remember that you must inform the plan you choose of your address in the U.S. so they can confirm you are eligible to enroll.

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