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Anything Mentionable is Manageable

By Anna Zoromski-Linde, CPC, Certified Pre-Planning Consultant

Growing up I used to love watching Mr. Rogers on PBS. It was a show that taught me and other kids life lessons and how to deal with feelings like forgiveness, kindness, love, making an impact on the world, and even death. It wasn’t until recently when my family and I sat down to watch “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, a story about Mr. Rogers that I realized what an incredible impact this man had on others.

While watching, there was one line that caught my attention, “To die is to be human and anything human is mentionable. Anything mentionable is manageable.” I found this to be very profound. Death is something we don’t like talking about, but if we take the time to talk about it is worth discussing and we can work through it.

As a second-generation funeral provider, I’ve seen firsthand many emotions that come along with losing a loved one. The first emotion that comes to mind is sadness, and next, grief. Recently I have stepped into the role of working with individuals to pre-plan their end of life wishes. And there are just as many emotions such as anxiety. But this quickly turns into relief after working through our meeting.

It’s a matter of taking the time to think and record your end of life wishes. By doing so, it can help you release anxieties or worries you may have about the future. It is also an extremely meaningful gesture to discuss these thoughts for the ones you love. After getting these wishes down you can relax knowing that your plans are in the hands of reliable family or friends.

Not sure how to begin this discussion? Join Peterson/Kraemer for two full days seminars on Weds., April 15th, 1302 Sixth Street, Wausau or Thurs., April 16th 300 Walnut Street, Marathon. While this isn’t the easiest topic to discuss it is manageable and the staff at Peterson/Kraemer is here to walk you through every step along the way. I encourage you to give us a call and reserve your spot to answer any questions you many have about pre-planning 715-845-6900.

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